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What is Auburn's Ready-to-Sign licensing program?

Auburn University's Ready-to-Sign licenses simplify the licensing process.  A Ready-to-Sign license prevents the need for timely negotiations by using standardized terms and conditions for non-exclusive deals.

All Ready-to-Sign licenses contain annual flat rate license maintenance fees with no royalties or patent expense reimbursements.

If you would like to discuss changes in the provided Ready-to-Sign agreements, or if you would like to inquire regarding the exclusive licensing of any of these technologies, please contact Brian Wright, Associate Director for Commercialization by email or at 334-844-7962. 

Available Technologies for Ready-to-Sign Licensing
Life Sciences Technology Areas License

      US Patent 7,138,255
      US Patent 7,871,772
      US Patent 7,872,108
      US Patent 8,298,793

Physical Sciences Technology Areas License

Click here to access a comprehensive spreadsheet of Auburn's Ready-to-Sign patents.

Instructions for Execution

1. Select the technology or technology area(s) of interest to your company from the list above. Download the appropriate license agreement file to your hard drive.

2. Complete all underlined/blank sections of the agreement, including the date, your company's information in the preamble and Article 12, and signatory information. If applicable, be sure to select what patents you wish to include in the agreement by initialing in the appropriate places in the Appendix. The agreement file is in interactive PDF format and can be completed electronically if desired.

3. If submitting electronically, have the appropriate officer/signatory authority of your company sign the agreement and (if appropriate) initial the patents of interest in the Appendix. This can be done:

a.) by secure digital signatures on the signature line and in the Appendix followed by email submission, or
b.) by printing one copy, manually signing/initialing, and then submitting by fax or email.

4. If submitting by mail, print and send two copies of the license agreement. Be sure required company information is provided, and then have the appropriate officer/signatory authority of your company sign both copies and (if appropriate) initial the patents of interest in the Appendix.

5. Send the partially executed agreement(s) to:


By Fax: 334-844-5963
ATTN: Brian Wright
Associate Director for Commercialization

By Mail: Send two original signed copies to:

Brian Wright
Associate Director for Commercialization
Office of Technology Transfer
Auburn University
570 Devall Drive, Suite 102
Auburn, AL 36832

6. Auburn OTT will return a fully executed agreement along with an invoice.